Public Relations

Your brand is our mission and our public relations efforts make Your brand Successful!!



Crisis Expertise

Your brand needs to be ready when a crisis arises for Your brand.  A crisis communication plan helps keep Your brand alive.



Marketing & Branding

Your brand needs marketing efforts so it can be known to your audiences. Marketing keeps a constant awareness of Your brand.



About Us

Baumbach and Fisher is a marketing and communications company, with offices in Florida, New York, Hawaii and Colorado, that develops brand messaging programs that deliver ~ confirm ~ connect & motivate your target audience. Using social media and branded content we build brand loyalty.

Our Approach

Seamless social media integration is redefining the essence of brand/consumer interaction. Social media can be used to define how a brand fulfills the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of it's customers. Successful brands have used this tool to build loyalty!


We believe that social media should be embraced as a part of the entire marketing mix - not treating it as a separate phenomenon. Social media is a dynamic way to broadcast your message, but we believe that using social media to listen to your customers is critical to success. Our programs are designed to put as much emphasis on listening as on broadcasting your message!


We use social media to create ongoing consumer engagement and align with all elements of the marketing mix, leveraging each to play a critical role in supporting the brand message.


See for yourself how our creative solutions have driven the success of other companies.


Explore our portfolio and complete list of clients.


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